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I Heart (<3) Food - A Compilation of Recipes


Just 102 recipes. Sojee. Salads. Chicken. Pasta. Soups. Steak. Meat. Exotic lunch dishes. Vegetables. Fish and prawns.

Innovative – Eating Inn Style

Publisher name : Anderson Publishing
ISBN number : 095849895-4
Author name :  Shanaaz N Parker
Format:  paper back

Secrets Of Artisan Cuisine – Compiled by Mohamed Ebrahim Islamic School


Publisher name: AfrikaImpressions Media
ISBN number: 9780639948935
Author name: Mohamed Ibrahim Islamic School

Format- paper back

Pages:  74

Cooking for Your Body Type – everyday meals to suit your temperament – Nasira Vallee, Rashid Bhikha


Publisher name- Ibn Sina Institute of Tibb
ISBN number- 9780620302517
Author name- Nasira Vallee, Rashid Bhikha

Format – paper back

Pages-  120