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Deen Club Activity Book 1: 8-11 Years

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Making Islamic Education FUN!

The truth is most parents are too busy to find new Islamic content for their children to work on at home. Plus, you have to do your own research, print the pages and then hope that your children will enjoy the material…this is where myDeen can HELP.

myDeen is here to help YOU take control of your children's Islamic education through creatively designed 'activity' magazines meant to stimulate your child's learning process... as well as their Islamic knowledge.

Magazines are categorised according to the child's age, ensuring that the activities and lessons are age-appropriate and entertaining for your little ones - allowing them to learn through various stories, puzzles, crafts, word searches, recipes, family games, contests and much more!

Note: All our magazines uphold the authentic virtues of the Qur'an and Sunnah and focus mostly on the positive messages in Islam, rather than what is "Halal" or "Haram"

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