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Mohammmed Pocket Guide

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The Prophet of Islam Muhammad, Biography & Pocket Guide: Introduction: Muhammad Pocket Guide (MPG) is the first international pictorial biography about prophet Muhammad and his teachings that formed the ethical and moral basis for the Islamic civilization. It presents a blend of Islamic faith, culture, art, calligraphy and architecture in an entertaining pictorial and easy reading style. Muhammad Pocket Guide is one of ALNOOR Holdings international production. It reflects its vision for providing high quality textual and visual material that is appealing and inspirational to respective audiences in local, regional and international markets. About Muhammad Pocket Guide: MPG is written for visitors to Islamic tourist places and for the ones who would like to get brief information and a general overview - from authentic Islamic sources - about the spiritual and ethical side of Islamic civilization by exploring the teachings and the biography of prophet Muhammad. It is designed according to the latest standards and specifications Implemented by international pocket guides. This is in relation to size, presentation, categorization of information, quality of printing and photo: text ratio. The pocket guide is divided into color coded chapters which consist of bold titled paragraphs. Muhammad's teachings are classified into groups for quick referencing. In each chapter of the book, there is a presentation of artwork designs generated from the word "Muhammad" in Arabic. For example, in the chapter titled "Environment" the word Muhammad is written in a formative Arabic style of calligraphy which looks like a green leaf from a tree. The pocket guide has a comprehensive pictorial appendix about Islamic architecture and main Islamic tourist places in the world.