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Polygamy - Indiscreetly Adjudicated & Practised by Aadila Amod - Baitul Hikmah

Polygamy - Indiscreetly Adjudicated & Practised by Aadila Amod

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“Brilliant! Sister Aadila Amod has taken a subject loaded with potential for misinterpretation and clearly set the facts straight. A thoroughly researched book with great potential for the good of all. Finally, some clarity on the subject of polygamy in Islam. 
A must read.” 
Dr. Nazmeera Khamissa - Integrative Psychiatrist, MBChB (Pretoria), MRCPsych (London) FCpsych(SA)

“EXCELLENT!  I was taken aback the first time I read this book.  It is a great source for inner-reflection, introspection and awareness when it comes to dealing with this very intricate topic of polygamy, it’s effect on society and the need to uphold human rights. A much needed contribution and absolute food for thought!” 
Sh. Abdul Hakim Abbasi - Resident Imam, Waterkloof Ridge Islamic Centre, Pretoria

“This book is intended to elucidate the important and complex topic of polygamy (polygyny). It explains the damaging effects of polygyny on society from the author’s perspective in the areas of psychology and spirituality. Such bold efforts and alternate viewpoints that counter the standard narrative should be encouraged.”
Professor Najma Moosa - Department of Private Law, Faculty of Law University of the Western Cape

A calling back to the truth of polygyny in lieu of the Qur’an and the Sunnah, as a practice discouraged by Allah (SWT), highlighting human rights to truth, justice and Soul’s equality, towards peace.
Aadila Amod - Ethnopsychology Practitioner (EPASA, HEPASA), Certified Hypnotherapist (IMDHA, IACT), Coach Practitioner (The Meta-Skills Institute),
PET International Facilitator
(Gordon Training International)