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The Art of Mutual Destruction by NEYMAT RABOOBEE - Baitul Hikmah

The Art of Mutual Destruction by NEYMAT RABOOBEE

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Calling in a debt to get your granddaughter married was always tacky. This time, it was dangerous too.

Ibrahim Khan had devoted his life to ensuring that he was one of the most dangerous men in town. And now, his beloved granddaughter was the one suffering for it.

 Iman still couldn't understand why her grandfather had one day kicked her out. She'd forgiven him but she wasn't above using it in her favour. She wanted an escape and she didn't care who Ibrahim picked to be it.

 Adam had come to sorely regret the day Ibrahim Khan had saved his life. If he'd known then that help came with these kind of strings, he'd have prayed for death, not life.