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Lockdown, Behind the Mask


The new “Normal” they called it… 2020, when the world changed.

Zee Monodee, author, blogger and influencer.

This page turner confirms that while not everyone will be COVID-infected, everyone will be COVID-impacted.

Ashraf Garda, Founder of Champion South Africa.

Eighteen stories from women who ‘looked inside’ appear in this powerful and moving collection.

While all the stories focus on the Lockdown with an Islamic signature, not all the writers are Muslim. This has allowed a diverse collection from a variety of perspectives. The writers had free reign in genre chosen, whether fiction or non-fiction and what is clear, is that all the women wrote with much introspection and honesty. Although some of the writers are established and in print, many are being published for the first time, so this has been an exciting and empowering opportunity. Each has been motivated to put pen to paper and their hearts in their words.