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Me And My Duas Journal


A beautiful space to write down 100 days of your Du’as, with a guide to get you started and prompts for every day.

Lessons from Surah Yusuf by: Yasir Qadhi


Publisher name: Kube
ISBN number: 9781847741370
Author name: Yasir Qadhi
Format- paper back



Omar Suleiman, Yasir Qadhi Book Bundle


1 x THE PARABLES OF THE QUR’AN (paperback) by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi

1 x THE PROPHET OF MERCY: HOW MUHAMMAD ROSE ABOVE ENMITY AND INSULT (paperback) By Mohammad Elshinawy & Omar Suleiman

1 x MEETING MUHAMMAD (paperback) By Omar Suleiman

The Parables of the Qur’an by Dr. Yasir Qadhi


Publisher name: Kube / Afrika Impressions
ISBN number: 9781990971105
Author name: Omar Suleiman
Format- paper back

Pages: 210

Way To The Quran by Khurram Murad

Publisher name : The Islamic Foundation
ISBN number : 978-0860371533
Author name : Khurram Murad
Format: Paper back
Pages  :144