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Al-Ghazali Children’s Full Book Set (Set of 8 books)

Publisher name : Afrika Impressions Media , Fons Vitae
Author name: Al- Ghazali
Format:  Paper back
8 Books

Al-Ghazali 1 – Book of Knowledge (Curriculum and WorkBook) Set 1

Publisher name : Fons Viate
Author name : AL- Ghazali
Format: Paper back

Al-Ghazali Children’s Book Set 5 (The Mysteries of Charity) – Set of 2 Books


Publisher : Fons Vitae , Afrika Impressions Media

Pages : 2 Books

Author : Al-Ghazali

Format: Paper back

Al-Ghazali 2 – The Book of Belief (Curriculum and workbook) set 2

Publisher name: Fons vitae , Afrika Impressions Media
ISBN number :9781941610183
Author name :Shaykh Hamza Yusuf Hanson
Format: Paper back
Pages  :100

Al-Ghazali 4 Mysteries of Prayer (Curriculum and Workbook) Set 4


The children’s version of this book strives to show them the canonic prayer (al-salat), which in addition to being one of the Five Pillars of the religion, is first and foremost an opportunity for communion with the Divinity, for focusing and concentration, and for expressing gratitude to God through words, physical postures, and inward state.

Al-Ghazali 3 – The Mysteries of Purification for Children (Curriculum and Workbook) Set 3


Publisher name- Al-Ghazali
ISBN number- 9781941610336
Author name- Abu Hamid al-Ghazali, Virginia Gray Henry Blakemore
Ages- 7+


Format -paper back

Pages- 224

Al-Ghazali Children’s Book Set 6 (The Mysteries of Fasting) – Set of 2 Books

Publisher name : Afrika Impressions Media
Author name: Al- Ghazali
Format:  Paper back
2 books