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Muhammad in World Scriptures: Volume 1

Publisher name : Islamic Book Trust
ISBN number : 9789839154696
Author name : Abdul Haq Vidyarthi
Format/binding : paper back
Pages  : 206

The 99 Names of Allah – Imam Fode Drame


Publisher name: Africa Impressions
ISBN number: 978-1512338942
Author name: Fode Drame

Format – paper back

Pages: 326

Lift Up Your Hearts: A Collection of 25 Khutbah for Friday Prayer Volume 2 – Abdur Rashid Siddiqui


Publisher name: The Islamic Foundation
ISBN number: 0860374300
Author name: Abdur Rashid Siddiqui

Format – paper back

Pages: 143

An Introduction to the Conservation of Hadith – IBT


Publisher name- Islamic Book Trust
ISBN number- 978-9839154948
Author name- Muhammed Hamidullah

Format -either hard cover

Pages- 206

Al -Fawz al-kabir fi Usul at Tafsir – Shah Wali Allah ad Dihlawi / Tahir Mahmood Kiani


Name : Al-Fawz al -kabir fi Usul at Tafsir

author :  Shah Wali Allah ad Dihlawi

transalator : TAhir Mhamood KIani

publisher : Ta -Ha publishers

ISBN : 9781842001349


pages : 259 pages

Abrogation in the Quran and Islamic law – Louay Fatoohi


Name : Abrogation in the Quran and Islamic law

Author : Louay Fatoohi

ISBN : 9781138809512

publisher : Islamic Book Trust

Tags: abrogated verses , abrogator , criticism , interpretation , Islam , Islamic law , louay fatoohi , Quran

The Five Pillars of Islam: Laying the Foundation of Divine Love and Service to Humanity

Publisher name : Kube
ISBN number : 9781847740236
Author name : Dr Musharraf Hussain
Format: Paper back
Pages : 9781847740236