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Western Muslims

Publisher name : Awakening Publications
ISBN number : 978-1905837373
Author name: Tariq Ramadan
Format: paper back
Pages : 32

Why Israel?: The Anatomy of Zionist Apartheid – A South African Perspective by Suraya Dadoo

Publisher name:Porcupine Press
ISBN number : 9781920609009
Author name :Suraya Dadoo & Firoz Osman
Format: Hard cover
Pages :660

The Rohingya Crises A People Facing Extinction by Muhammad Abdul Bari

Publisher name : Kube Publishing Ltd
ISBN number : 978-1847741240
Author name:  Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari
Format: Paper back
Pages : 104

Signs on the Earth; Islam, Modernity and the Climate Crisis


Publisher name: Kube Publishing Ltd

ISBN number: 9781847740755

Author name: Fazlun Khalid

Format- paper back

Pages:  256