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Me And My Duas Journal


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A beautiful space to write down 100 days of your Du’as, with a guide to get you started and prompts for every day.

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Du’a is the essence of worship.”

Alhumdulillah we are so pleased to finally announce the release of the “Me and My Du’as” Journal, a collaborative project between @baitulhikmahza and @southafricanmuslimah, greatly enhanced by the amazing Qur’anic calligraphy of @myqalamcalligraphy.

The journal includes chapters on the significance of Du’a, the etiquette of making Du’a, and moments of acceptance. It is structured according to the way the Prophet Sallalāhu Alayhi Wasallam taught us to make Du’a. Every single day, for 100 days, you will read a Du’a praising Allah, a Salutation upon our Prophet Sallalāhu Alayhi Wasallam, a Du’a seeking forgiveness and one found in the Qur’an, Sunnah or by our pious predecessors. There is then space for you to connect with Allah by putting your goals and dreams to paper.

This hard-covered 240+ page A5 lined journal is bound in high quality linen, and is made using the finest paper.

Imagine a beautiful journal to keep referring back to, to take on Hajj or Umrah, or even pull out on Sacred Days and Big Nights when you can’t remember all the Du’as you wanted to make! Imagine being able to tick them off, one by one, and have your heart swell with gratitude to your Creator? Over six months of hard work went into creating these Du’a Journals, and having seen our fair share of them, we can assure you this is like nothing you have seen before.

May Allah accept it from us and may it be a source of benefit and goodness for all.


(Note: Prayers Upon the Beloved not included)

5 reviews for Me And My Duas Journal

  1. Fathima

    A journal each of us should have, this Dua journal is so beautiful to pen down your Duas daily and to refer back to on scared days and big nights. Perfect to take with you on Hajj or Umrah. The journal includes chapters on the significance of Dua, the etiquette of making Dua and the moments Duas are accepted.
    perfect gift!

  2. Nazmeera sahib

    After the loss of my mum ,I was shattered and that was the first time I really truly took to understanding the quraan. I first began with quraan tagging and my love for understanding quraan began. I was overwhelmed with how something that was in my presence my whole life and I never truly appreciated it. Subahannallah my mum would have been so proud, she use to always shout us for not reading enough ,it’s true that Allah swt Never takes something From you only to give you better,if it wasn’t for the loss of my mum I would have never learnt how the quraan is sent to heal you, enlighten and prepare you for your eternal life,the aakhirah,the true end game. It’s been just over a year and the tagging continues. I then purchased the beautiful journals , subahannallah what better way to pen down those beautiful feelings that come to you when reading the quraan with understanding,to pick out your favourite ayaahs and personalise your Duas to present to Allah swt. The connection and closeness you feel to your creator is indescribable,and to have them all journaled and ready to go everytime you want to talk to your creator , Alhamdulillah.

  3. Meeshka

    Absolutely love these kitaabs ❤️ They are a companion for life! It’s so perfect to have all ur duas in one place and to make sure u never forgot them! Can’t think of a better gift to yourself and those around you

  4. Arnaaz Tarmohamed

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

    A beautiful journal for this beautiful ibadah.

    This journal has not only been a journal where I’ve sat down and journaled specific duas to make but has also guided the way I make dua with its beautiful Sunnah format and helped me connect deeper to the duas which it includes as I’ve searched out the Arabic and written it in.

    I fondly refer to it as the ultimate Tahajjud companion and my favourite item to gift.

  5. Taybah 💙

    I knew I needed to get my hands on this journal the moment I saw it launched. It took me a couple of months but Alhamdulilah, I finally got myself a copy.

    I made my first journal entry just hours after I gave birth to my second born, and Subhanallah, the tranquility that came with putting my dua’s that were in my heart onto paper, and to be able to look back and read it over and over again, allowing me to relive that moment of euphoria after birthing my son… There’s just no way to accurately describe that feeling, Subhanallah.

    I absolutely love this journal, and Insha Allah it is my niyyah to purchase some more to gift to some of my loved ones.

    JazakAllah @southafricanmuslimah & @baitulhikma for creating this journal and making it available to us, may you be rewarded abundantly for your efforts Insha Allah ❤️

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