Al-Ghazali Children’s Full Book Set (Set of 8 books)


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Publisher name : Afrika Impressions Media , Fons Vitae
Author name: Al- Ghazali
Format:  Paper back
8 Books

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The Ghazali Children’s Project seeks to educate children spiritually & transform their character. “This work can help our Muslim children have a more humane and universal understanding of the ethics and teachings of Islam through Imam al-Ghazali. I believe the work is highly relevant and very likely life-altering for those who will be exposed to it early.” -Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

Ghazali’s teachings distilled for children explain how the outer aspects of Islam can, through their inner spiritually transformative meanings, change every situation into one which strengthens the innate human nobility of character. The Prophet Mohammad said, “I was only sent to perfect good character”.


Set includes:

  • The book of Knowledge reader
  • The book of Knowledge workbook
  • The book of Belief reader
  • The book of Belief workbook
  • The mysteries of Prayer reader
  • The mysteries of Prayer workbook
  • The mysteries of Purification reader
  • The mysteries of Purification workbook

1 review for Al-Ghazali Children’s Full Book Set (Set of 8 books)

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    I purchased the Ghazali book series from Baitul Hikmah and was very happy with the efficient delivery service.

    I bought the Ghazali series for my eldest daughter,then almost 4 years old, but she passed away before the book series arrived. My first impression of the books was that it was a lovely series that could compliment/ supplement what is being taught at madaris, but it was also an easy to read guide for me, a busy mom, who didn’t have much time to read through the adult version.
    What I loved about it was that it provides you with practical craft options to help solidify the lesson being taught.
    I also loved that there were several activity options, and the requirements were fairly easy to source. It also allowed me the opportunity to put into practice what I’d learnt. Each book has its individual benefit, though using the learner book and the workbook together yields an even greater benefit.

    One thing I wasnt too happy about was the time travelling aspect in the book. Where Imam Ghazali travels to the future to meet the “main characters” and impart of his knowledge to them. These incidents happen only a handful of times though, and though I am not entirely comfortable with the time traveling aspect, it doesn’t take away from the overall value of the books.
    Would definitely recommend this book set and it deals with the only aspect of our Deen that we so often ignore, the purification of the heart.

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