Al-Wird al-Laṭīf: The Graceful and Benevolent Litany by: Imām ‘Abdullāh Ibn ‘Alawī al-Ḥaddād


Author: Imām ‘Abdullāh Ibn ‘Alawī al-Ḥaddād
Translator: Professor G. Mohamed
Publisher: Ashnataar Publications
Pages: 72
Format: paperback


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The Wird al-Laṭīf, is a form of Dhikrullah (Remembrance of Allah), is also known as the Graceful and Benevolent Litany. It reflects on many of of the attributes of Allah.

This Wird consists of invocatory sayings of the Prophet (SAW) which the author has holistically weaved between pertinent Quranic verses into a graceful and harmoniour tapestry. Coupled with these, are a number of inspirational lines provided by the author himself. This Wird is called the Wird al-Laṭīf, because it is kinder and lighter of the awrad.