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The Ark of Nuh: Quran Stories for Li’l Buddies

Publisher name : Goodword Books
ISBN number :9788194309512
Author name : Saniyasnain Khan
Format:  Hard cover
Pages :22

Salah Ad-Din and the Crusades

Publisher name : Ta-Ha Publishers Ltd
ISBN number :978-1842001219
Author name : Qaiser M Talib
Format: Paper back

Reflections From Life: A Muslim’s Guide to Inspiration

Publisher name: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN number : 978-1542500333
Author name :Aisha Idris
Format:  paper back
Pages : 96

Sometimes We’re Silly


ISBN number: 978-0-620-79160-1

Ages: 4-7

Format- paper back


Ramadan and Fasting Activity Book

Publisher name: The Islamic Foundation
ISBN number: 978-0860376156
Author name: Aysenur Gunes
Format: paper back
Pages  : 32

Radical Reform: Islamic Ethics and Liberation

Publisher name : Oxford University Press;
ISBN number : 978-0195331714
Author name : Tariq Ramadan
Format: paper back
Pages : 372

Rachid Ghannouchi: A Democrat within Islamism

Publisher name : AMEC
ISBN number : 9780620556156
Author name: Azzam S Tamimi
Format: paper back
Pages :361

A Concise Description of Jannah & Jahannam


Publisher name: Muhtar Holland
ISBN number: 978-1-84200-120-2
Author name: Shaikh Abd Al-Qadir Al-Jilani

Format -paper back

Pages: 123

Quran Stories , Samri and the Gold Calf

Publisher name : Maqbool books
ISBN number :9789699059155
Author name : Babar Maqbool

Format: paper back

Quran Stories, Qaroon and his Treasure

Publisher name: Maqbool Books
ISBN number : 9789699059117
Author name : Babar Maqbool

Format: paper back

Quran Stories – Pharaoh and the Red Sea

Publisher name : Maqbool books
ISBN number : 9789699059513

Author name : Dr. Tahira Arshed

Format: paper back

The Black Stone – Seerah Series


Publisher name: Dr. Tahira Arshed
ISBN number: 9789699059711
Author name: Dr. Tahira Arshed
Ages: 4-8

Format- paper back