Muhammad ﷺ Conqueror Of Hearts by Rehana Shah Bulbulia


Author: Rehana Shah – Bulbulia
Publisher: RSB Publications
Format: paperback
Pages: 331
ISBN: 9780620984706

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A Biography And Seerah of the Final Messenger ﷺ

There’s a spark…. to learn about him ﷺ. There’s a wish ….. to nuture love for himﷺ and his way. The books of Seerah open and the pages turn…. almost of their own accord. A Journey with the minds eye to places the heart yearns; for stories that bring with it the joy of Faith, the tears of love, the desire to believe and the most remarkable tale ever sahred. It is documented details of the legend of all time; a man with the greatest quest; the Conquerer of hearts… the final Messenger Muhammadﷺ.