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The ‘Negro’ in Arab Muslim Consciousness

Publisher name : Claritas Books
ISBN number: 9781905837625

Author name: Abdullah bin Hamid Ali
Format : Paper back
Pages : 294

Muhammad (s): 11 Leadership Qualities that Changed the World

Publisher name : Claritas Books
ISBN number : 978-1905837595
Author name : Nabeel Al-Azami
Format:  Paper back
Pages  : 268

Morality in the Quran

Publisher name : Claritas books
ISBN number : 9781905837779
Author name: Muhammad Abdullah Draz
Format:  paper back
Pages : 182

In Defence of the Four Imams


Publisher name : Claritas Books
ISBN number :  978-1905837632
Author name : Ibn Taymiyah
Format: paper back

Race, Religion & Muslim Identity in Britain

Publisher name : Renaissance Press
ISBN number :978-0954329471
Author name: Muhammad Abdul Bari
Format: paper back
Pages : 163

The Art of Integration

Publisher name: Claritas Books
ISBN number : 9781905837335
Author name: Peter Sanders

Format: Hard cover
Pages : 148

Islamic Manners – abd al fattah abu ghuddah


Publisher name: ‘Abd al-Fattah Abu Ghuddah

ISBN number: 9780953758272

Author name: Awakening Publication

Format – paper back

Pages: 101

Dear Beloved Son- Imam Abu Hamid Al Ghazali published by the press syndicate of awakening publications


Publisher name- Awakening Publication
ISBN number- 9780953758227
Author name- Abu Hamid al-Ghazali

Format – paper back

Pages- 100

Jihad, Violence, War and Peace in Islam


Publisher name:   Claritas Books
ISBN number: 9781905837397
Author name: Tariq Ramadan

Format -paper back

Pages:  80