The Value of Time


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Publisher name : Claritas Books
ISBN number : 978-0954329457
Author name: Shaykh Abd al-Fattah Abu Ghuddah
Format: Paper back
Pages : 86

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The Value of Time is a collection of amazing sayings, anecdotes and wonderful stories of the scholars of the Muslim ummah, which indicate the importance they attached to time. It is a book that will inspire the youth and the elderly alike to spend their time wisely and constructively and to avoid wasting time. The stories narrated, unimaginable as they may be, are not fables nor fairy tales, but are all authentic events that have been well documented and narrated by scholars themselves. The book provides a vivid insight into a subject of great importance – the value of time in the field of knowledge and its people.


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1 review for The Value of Time

  1. Halima A

    This book gives a specific illustration of how earlier scholars valued their time, It is a book that will motivate both young people and older people to make intelligent, productive use of their time.

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