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Al-Ghazali Children’s Full Book Set (Set of 8 books)

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Publisher name : Afrika Impressions Media , Fons Vitae
Author name: Al- Ghazali
Format:  Paper back
8 Books

A Handbook Of Spiritual Medicine – Ibn Daud (Jamal Parekh)

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”A beautifully structured and well-presented work.” – Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari, Director of the Institute of Islamic Jurisprudence (Darul Iftaa), Leicester, UK

“We often get overwhelmed with feelings that bring out the worst in us and we are unable to move forward and as such, we  fall into a downward spiral. We may feel envious of someone but may not know how to treat it from an Islamic perspective. This book offers practical solutions to common problems, problems that if unresolved, could lead to life-long damage to your spiritual health, this dunya and most importantly, your akhirah.” – Inspirited Minds


Hardcover and softcover

278 pages
Publisher: Ibn Daud
Language: English
Author: Jamal Parekh – Ibn Daud
ISBN: 978-1838049201

Dear Beloved Son- Imam Abu Hamid Al Ghazali published by the press syndicate of awakening publications


Publisher name- Awakening Publication
ISBN number- 9780953758227
Author name- Abu Hamid al-Ghazali

Format – paper back

Pages- 100

Al-Ghazali 1 – Book of Knowledge (Curriculum and WorkBook) Set 1

Publisher name : Fons Viate
Author name : AL- Ghazali
Format: Paper back

Ghazali Book Set 5 & 6: The Mysteries of Charity & Fasting – Al-Ghazali (Adult)


Publisher name: Fons Vitae,US
ISBN number: 978-1941610435
Author name: Al-Ghazali & M. Abdurrahman Fitzgerald Fitzgerald

Format – paper back)

Pages: 155

Inner Dimensions Of Islamic Worship – Al Ghazali

Publisher name : Islamic Foundation
ISBN number : 978-0860371250
Author name : Muhtar Holland
Format: paper back