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Eliyas Explains: Angels by : Zanib Mian


Author : Zainub Mian

Name : Eliyas explains : Angels

For ages 6-12 years

84 pages


13.5 x 19.5cm

The Great Race to Sycamore Street

Publisher name : Kube publishing
ISBN number : 978-1847740571
Author name: J. Samia Mair
Format: Hard cover
Pages : 196

Fatimah: The Daughter of the Prophet Muhammad


Publisher name- Goodword
ISBN number- 9788351791010
Author name- Sr. Nafees Khan
Ages- 6+

Format – paper back

Pages- 40

Marvellous Stories From the Life of Muhammad by: Mardijah Aldrich Tarantino


Publisher name: The Islamic Foundation
ISBN number: 9780860371038
Author name: Mardijah Aldrich Tarantino

Age – 8-12

Format -paper back

Pages: 120

A Muslim Boy’s Guide to Life’s Big Changes by: Sami Khan


Author: Sami Khan

Publisher : Ta-Ha publishers

ISBN: 978-1-84200-072-4

Pages : 48

Format/binding: paper back


Zainab: The Daughter of the Prophet Muhammad – English / Sr Nafees khan


Name : The daughter of the Prophet Muhammad ( Zainub)


Publisher name- Goodword
ISBN number- 9789351790670
Author name-  Sr. Nafees Khan
Ages- 6+

Format -paper back

Pages- 32

A Muslim Girls Guide to Life’s Big Changes by: Rayhana Khan

Author:Rayhana Khan
ISBN 10:1-84200-065-9
ISBN 13:978-1-84200-153-0
Size:148 x 210

Ibrahim Khan and the mystery of the Haunted lake by Farheen Khan

Publisher name : The Islamic foundation
ISBN number : 978-0860374237
Author name :  Farheen Khan
Ages :  5-10 years
Format:  paper back

Ruqayyah and Umm Kulthum: The Daughers of the Prophet Muhammad

Publisher name : Goodword Books

ISBN number : 9789351790662

Author name :Sr. Nafees Khan
Format:  hard cover
Pages : 40

I Wonder About Allah (Book One) by Ozkan Oze


About the story- Have you ever wondered about Allah? Have you ever wanted to ask where Allah lives, or why you can’t see Him? How He managed to create everything and why all of creation obeys Him. These questions, and many more, are explored inside.

Publisher name- Islamic Foundation
ISBN number- 9780860375920
Author name-Ozkan Oze

Ages- +11 to 13


Format – paper back

Pages- 128

Ali Ibn Abi Talib – Maria Khan


Name : Ali ibn Abi Talib

Author : Maria Khan

ISBN : 978-8178987651

Publisher : Goodword

Pages : 32 pages