The Simple Seerah (part one) – Asim Khan & Toyris Miah

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Publisher: The Simple Seerah

Appropriately titled as “The Simple Seerah”, one of the main objectives of this book is to make it easy for the young generation of Muslims today to understand and learn from the life of the Prophet . The novel-like language and storytelling structure used throughout the book is easy and engaging for most youngsters and even adults. Combined with the brilliant illustrations, you’re transported to ancient Makkah to witness the trials and challenges of the early Muslims. – Mufti Menk

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The Arabic word ‘Seerah’ is the term used by many Muslims around the world when referring to the life of the last and final messenger of God, Muhammad (peace be upon him.) He lived an incredible life, filled with challenges and adventures, battles, miracles and so much more!

If someone didn’t tell you that everything inside this book was a true story, you’d think it was all made up. That’s how incredible The Seerah is.

The beautiful thing about the life of Muhammad (PBUH) is that it’s filled with many lessons that we can apply to our own lives today. As you read through this book, you’ll reflect on your own life and how you can improve it and improve yourself.

We hope you enjoy this book and make The Simple Seerah a companion for the rest of your life.

The Simple Seerah is authored by Ustadh Asim Khan. He has spent much of his life studying Tafsir and Islamic sciences with an aim to help the younger generation connect more with the Qur’an and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (saw).


As well as The Simple Seerah, he has published books of Tafsir focusing on Surah Yasin and Surah Mulk. Ustadh Asim Khan also regularly delivers transformative Islamic seminars and courses related to Islamic sciences, Tafsir, and history.

The Simple Seerah is produced by Toyris Miah. The idea for The Simple Seerah came about when Toyris discovered his 11-year-old nephew Zakaria had a passion for reading history books. He tried to find some Islamic history books for Zakaria but struggled to find anything which catered to his age group, this sparked a desire to produce a book on the Seerah that appealed to a younger demographic.

When Toyris first thought up The Simple Seerah, there were hardly any Islamic books available that catered to teenagers as well as young adults, who wanted an easy-to-read Islamic book, which wasn’t full of academic literature.

3 reviews for The Simple Seerah (part one) – Asim Khan & Toyris Miah

  1. Tasneem

    Beautiful and captivating seerah written in fiction-like format. A great read for adults and older children alike. It really transports you back to the time of the Prophet (saw) and makes you feel like you are there watching everything unfold first-hand.

  2. H

    Excellent seerah Masha Allah, especially written for youth.

  3. Sarah

    This book is so perfectly written. It is gripping from the first page. Highly recommend this for all age groups. The English used is easy to follow and the vocabulary used is brilliant and serves its purpose of creating a vivid imagery of the events happening. Looking forward to part 2.

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