Beyond the Forest: Adventures with the Awliya 1

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Author:  Noor Yusuf
Publisher: Nur Al Habib
Format: paperback
Pages: 168
ISBN: 978-0993497926

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The first book in the Adventures with the Awliya series, this work tells the stories of some of the great figures of Muslim history. The characters are whisked away on adventures across the Islamic world and have interactions with these figures, learning valuable lessons.

1 review for Beyond the Forest: Adventures with the Awliya 1

  1. razeena

    An excellent start to a series, good quality of writing, the engaging stories and the focus on spirituality makes this a unique and blessed read. A historical adventure set in the summer holidays, lovely illustrations, especially the map in the front of the book. There is also a useful note to parents at the end explaining the biographies of historical figures mention in the book. Beautiful gift for the young ones aged 10 to 14. Looking forward to the next one!

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