100 Hadith Sunan Abu Dawud by Sheikh Dr Isam Rajab3


Author Sheikh Dr Isam Rajab
Binding Paperbound
ISBN 9789675699566
Publisher DCB

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In order for the Muslim to be guided, he needs to follow the Prophet as Allah says in Surat An-Nur 24 Verse 54: {Say obey Allah and obey the Messenger, but if you turn away, you should note it well that the Messenger is responsible for the duty entrusted to hi and you are responsible for the duty entrusted to you. And should you obey him, you will be rightly guided}.

This book is an attempt to obey Allah’s Messenger by following him through knowing practical narrations that may not be know to a lot of Muslims. It also provides simple lessons and benefits for each narrations to help the readers to implement in their daily lives. By the end of this book, the readers shall achieve stronger in faith by following the examples of the Prophet with certainty.