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365 Days with the Prophet Muhammad by: Nurdan Damla

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Publisher: Timas Kids
Author: Nurdan Damla
ISBN: 978-605-08-1435-4
IFormat: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 360
Years Group: 5-9 Years

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365 Days with Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)” is a beautiful book that Muslim families everywhere should have . This beautifully crafted work won the Best Translation Work award at the Indonesian Islamic Book Fair. It tells a story of our Prophet (saas) for each day of the year, so that you and your children can read a new story together each day or before going to bed at night or can read it on their own. This book has been translated into twenty-five languages ​​and loved by readers from California to Kuala Lampur. Evert Muslim family and every library, madrasah or mosque in an Islamic school will definitely benefit from a copy of this book.