A Life that Matters: A Spiritual Experience


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Dimensions 21.5 × 14.3 cm
Page Count 232 pages
Author Norani Nordin and Nordin Yusof PhD
Publisher Islamic Book Trust
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This book tells the story of a Malaysian lady’s maiden pilgrimage to the Holy Land. In Makkah, she was struck by the grandeur of the Al-Haram mosque, Islam’s holiest mosque. The first sight of the majestic Ka’abah located in the centre of the mosque involuntarily moved her to tears. It was also in this mosque while performing her tawaf that she had a déjà vu experience. This and many other experiences and encounters during her journey are vividly recalled, accompanied by photographs throughout the book. More like a journal, the book also serves as a valuable guide to those who are planning to visit the Holy Land; as for others, it offers an insight into the Muslim state of mind.