A Season of Abundance; Ramadan Inspirations By: Yacoob Manjoo


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Ramadaan is a special month for us as Muslims. It’s the month in which the Quran came down. A month of self-sacrifice, when we gain spiritual elevation by temporarily abstaining from our basic human needs. It’s a month in which we come together as a community. And a month which brings out the best in us, as our generosity peaks and we more frequently share with those less fortunate.

For me personally, it’s often been a month of heightened inspiration, when the words come more easily, and I can capture the spirit of this unique period in poetry and prose.

Over the last year, I’ve compiled my favourite such pieces into a brand new book – A Season of Abundance – which is now available.

While it’s a companion to read before and during this beautiful month, I also hope it will be useful afterwards – serving as a year-long reminder of the immense spirit which we all feel in these precious 29 or 30 days each year.

I invite you to join me on this poetic journey into the most beloved month of the year, and experience a season like no other.


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