Aisha Goes in Search of Colour -Lisa Jane dhar


name of the book : Aisha goes in search of colour

author – Lisa Jane Dhar

Publisher : Islamic Foundation

ISBN number : 9780860374725


32 pages


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Bubblesville, the capital of Nectarland, is home to the world’s most special and unusual insects. Aisha is 2 1/2 days old—that’s 10 1/2 in butterfly years—she is three inches tall, has four wings, two antenna, and she is the most extraordinary butterfly Nectarland has ever seen. In a land full of the brightest colors, Aisha is born plain gray! How does Aisha learn to live with being different, and how do Nectarland’s insects react to her? Find out for yourself in this humorous, classic tale set in a fun world of insects.


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