Al-Ghazali: The Secrets of Pilgrimage : Kitab Asrar al-Hajj


Name : The Secrets of Pilgrimage

Author : Abu Hamid al Ghazali


116 pages

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Hajj is one of the pillars and foundations of Islam, the act of worship of a lifetime, the seal of all that is commanded, the perfection of Islam and the completion of religion. Such a worship deserves that much attention to be devoted to explaining it and to detailing its essential elements, its properties, its merits, and its mysteries. This little book is translated from Kitab Asrar al-Hajj, the seventh chapter of the celebrated 12th-century work, Ihya Ulum al-Din. Al-Ghazali invites readers to dwell on the subject of the hajj beyond its mechanics and rituals, and to pay attention to its true substance, purpose and philosophy.


Table of Contents

Introduction. 5

Chapter 1. 8

The Merit of the Pilgrimage. 8

The Excellence of the House and of Exalted Mecca 14

The Excellence of Residing at Mecca the Exalted. 17

The Excellence of Medina the Noble Over Other Lands. 20

Determining if an Individual is Obliged to Perform the Pilgrimage. 23

Determining if the Essentials of Pilgrimage Have Been Validly Observed  27

Chapter 2. 33

The Sequence of External Acts From the Beginning of the Journey to the Return  33

The Supererogatory Rites Connected with the Return From the Journey  77

Chapter 3. 79

The Exact Proprieties and the Hidden Acts. 79

An Explanation of the Hidden Acts 90

Bibliography. 112



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