Allah Made Everything Song Book by: Zain Bhika (Desi Dolls)


This Story & Song Book about Allah features:

  • Sing-Along to “Allah Made Everything” by Zain Bhikha
  • Read the lyrics in this children’s book about Allah
  • Colourful, beautiful illustrations
  • Easy to press play button
  • Handy carry handle for on the go
  • Durable hard-board construction

In stock

Allah Made Everything is our new sound book based on the 2015 lyrics of the well-loved children’s song by renowned singer and songwriter Zain Bhikha.

The song was first released in 2015, and together with the hit video, has become one the most popular children’s songs across the world. To me, this book was just crying out to sing, and so I simply had to re-design it, and add the sound box and carry handle!  Now children and families can enjoy this beautiful book, it’s important message, whilst singing along at a touch of a button!

The book is beautifully and vividly illustrated by Azra Momin.

We hope this book brings so much joy to all the children it reaches and helps them to appreciate that “Allah Made Everything”.