Arabic Alphabet Sound Puzzle


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  • The world’s first wooden Arabic alphabet sound puzzle by the Desi Doll Company!

Replace the letter in the correct position to hear it’s name eg. Alif, Baa, Taa etc.

Replace the Pieces to Hear:

  • the name of the letter
  • the name of an animal or object beginning with the letter
  • the alphabet song in Arabic!

Learning Objectives

  • Letter recognition – helps children recognise the Arabic Alphabet
  • Listening – encourages children to listen to the sounds of the puzzle
  • Enhances vocabulary – children can learn 34 fun words in Arabic
  • Encourages hand eye coordination and pincer grip
  • Encourages independent play

A fun way to learn the Arabic Alphabet!

  • Suitable for children 3+ years
  • Made from quality wood


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