Dismantling the Culture of Fanaticism by Prof Dr AK Bakkar


Author Prof Dr AK Bakkar
Binding Paperbound
ISBN 9789675699610
Publisher Dakwah Corner Bookstore

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Dismantling the Culture of Fanaticism is another valuable masterpiece and a timely contribution from Dr Bakkar to the world. He’s addressing a very important phenomenon which is causing the bloodshed of millions of innocent souls around the globe. His work includes details on these following subject:

  • Awarenss of the Phenomenon
  • What id Fanaticism?
  • Types of Fanaticism
  • Roots of Fanaticism
  • Gravity of Fanaticism
  • The Ideological Structure of Fanatics
  • Reasons behind the Development of Fanaticism
  • How to tackle Fanaticism?