Getting the Barakah – An Islamic Guide to Time Management by Ismail Kamdar


Publisher name- PartridgeAfrica

ISBN number- 978-1482806229

Author name- Abu Muawiyah Ismail Kamdar

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Getting The Barakah has helped hundreds of readers increase their productivity and make time for the things that really matter. Now you too can have these benefits and more! Imagine being able to make time every single day to relax and have fun. Imagine being able to make time for your work, family, friends and self every single week. Imagine being able to get all your work done way ahead of your deadlines, without breaking a sweat. You don’t need to imagine anymore! With Getting The Barakah, you have the opportunity to do all this, and everything else you ever dreamed of!

Across the globe, Muslims complain about not having any Barakah in their time. Many Muslims are constantly late for appointments, and rushing around without being able to accomplish much. Yet, if we move beyond blame and complaint, we can discover many ways through which we can manage our time well enough to accomplish everything we need to do and more. Islam is a religion which emphasizes self-discipline and accountability. A deeper understanding of Islam would lead to us being able to optimize the usage of our time. In this book, you will learn important tools for time management, merging them with Islamic concepts like Dua, Sabr, Tawakul, and the benefits of having a strong connection with one’s Creator. The tools and tips covered are well-researched and based on the author’s personal experiences. Each section includes Islamic quotations, tools, tips, personal experiences and action points making this a practical, yet uniquely spiritual guide to Time Management.


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