His other Wife by Umm Zakiyyah


Publisher name :Al-Walaa
ISBN number :  978-1942985006
Author name : Umm Zakiyyah
Format/Binding : paper back
Pages : 640

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Jacob and Deanna are a power couple. Aliyah is Deanna’s best friend…whom Jacob wants to marry.Expanded and continued beyond Umm Zakiyyah’s popular online series by the same name, His Other Wife is a story about love and betrayal, faith and personal crisis, and withstanding deep emotional wounds.

Jacob is a successful businessman and college professor, and his wife Deanna is a renowned marriage counselor and author. Together they are their Muslim community’s power couple. Aliyah is Deanna’s recently divorced best friend who has just accepted a position at the college where Jacob works–and who is the unwilling recipient of Deanna’s constant unsolicited relationship advice, particularly that Aliyah needs to learn how to hold a marriage together and keep a man from ever thinking about marrying another woman. But their friendship takes a difficult turn when Aliyah receives a phone call from her uncle saying that Jacob is interested in marrying her as a second wife–without Deanna’s knowledge.


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