In Pursuit of Dignity by Mohamed Enver Surty


Publisher name : Awqaf SA
ISBN number :9780620834551
Author name : Mohamed Enver Surty
Format:  paper back

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“In Pursuit of Dignity” – authored by Enver Surty

Who is Enver Surty?
He is the son of the soil of Rustenburg, who has a long history of professional, social and political service to the community of Rustenburg, and the people of South Africa.

Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa, President of the Republic of South Africa

“In Pursuit of Dignity” is a compelling and thoughtful collection of short stories that flows imperceptibly into a strong tale of a stalwart of our long struggle for freedom. From the narration, I admire his role as an activist attorney, his ready interaction with and spread out to surrounding communities and their struggles and his ultimate entry into the liberation movement.

Dikgang Moseneke, former Deputy Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court of South Africa

“A riveting and compelling read. This is vintage Surty: committed, transparent, humble, witty and intelligent. This book is an insight into South Africa – today, yesterday and the future. There is so much to learn here: politics, constitutional law, family and social relations. A book from an insightful, truly amazing writer.”


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