In Pursuit of Purpose: By Moulana Sulaiman M.


  • Publisher: RSB Publications 
  • Language: English
  • Format: paperback ‏
  • Pages: 275
  • ISBN13: 9780796150707

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Moulana Sulaiman M. Ravat, is a distinguished scholar from South Africa and an award-winning presenter at Radio Islam International.
Moulana is a prominent figure in Muslim media, addressing a broad spectrum of topics encompassing religion, politics, social issues, and economics.
Beyond the media realm, he is extensively engaged in public speaking, delivering talks at mosques and conferences globally.
His articulate style, well-researched discourses, and ability to simplify and make religious teachings relevant to contemporary challenges have garnered widespread appreciation.

The book covers practical and contemporary topics, which will undoubtedly simplify the task for many orators and offer guidance to those in search of answers.”
Ml. Sulaiman Moola.

“Having shared platforms with MI Sulaimaan Ravat for nearly two decades across various mediums such as radio programs, Masjid events, and conferences, I’m pleased to discover that some of his well-received lectures have been compiled into a book.”
Ml. Ebrahim Bham.



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