Integrated Encyclopedia of the Qur’an


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The Integrated Encyclopedia of the Qur’an (IEQ) is based entirely on the traditional Muslim scholarship on the Qur’an, hadith, and related subjects. It is held to a high standard of academic rigor and draws on a wide range of Qur’an and hadith commentaries, dictionaries, biographical and legal sources, histories, and spiritual treatises–some for the first time in a Western language. Conceived as a seven-volume authoritative contribution to and an in-depth reference work about Muslim scholarship on the Qur’an, this landmark publication presents a trove of knowledge about the Qur’an and the Muslim commentary traditions. Its well-researched articles cover all Qur’anic concepts (such as life, death, barzakh, beauty) as well as persons, places, things, and events mentioned in the Qur’an. It is an indispensable tool for seekers of sacred knowledge. The first volume (2013) has received warm welcome from a wide range of scholars around the world. It is a valuable addition to personal and public libraries, a beautiful gift for non-Muslims, and a unique resource for hearts and minds yearning to traverse the ocean of classical Qur’anic sciences.