It’s Ramadan for Zara and Zayn by: A S Hayat


Author: A S Hayat
Publisher: Zara and Zayn Books
Recommended Ages: 3+
Format: paperback
Pages: 23
ISBN: 9781739964108

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A series of short, fun stories on Muslim siblings Zara and Zayn. Portraying a progressive Muslim family whilst breaking gender stereotypes. Inspiring visual thinking, a lot of thought has gone in to the colours which have been used to illustrate these books in order for children to understand and analyse the story better. With a simple storyline and easy terminology, these books are a great way of introducing religious knowledge to your little ones. Create confidence in your children by reading these stories which they will be able to relate and associate with.

This book specifically touches upon the notions of Ramadan, fasting, sharing and patience.
“Why do we have to read the Quran?” asks Zayn. This book will answer and explain questions asked by curious minds. Let these books do their role in learning, an absolute must have children’s book!