Let’s Think About… Allah’s One Big Family


Publisher name: Ali gator
ISBN number: 700600856402
Author name: Ali Gator

Format – paper back

Pages: 23

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Let’s Think About… Allah’s One Big Family explains to children that all our family and friends, are all creations of Allah, all different in their own special way. No two people are exactly the same. That Allah in his wisdom has made us into different tribes & people so that we may know one another. And when we sit back and think about it, we may all seem different, but deep down we are all the same. The Let’s Think About… series are four new easy to read titles. All with beautifully illustrated with colours that jump off the page. The easy to read text and format explains basic concepts that young thinkers can grasp. The notes to teachers and parents section provides a list of points to consider and questions to ask as you read along. This allows for the young readers to receive the maximum benefit from the books, whilst enjoying them. 24 pgs


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