Life and Teachings of the Prophet Muhammad


Publisher name: Goodword Books
ISBN number: 9788178983387
Author name: Farida Khanam

Format – paper back

Pages: 156

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A book on seerah, the life of the Prophet Muhammad, is always a unique study, in that the Prophet of Islam was the ?seal? of the prophets and came to mankind to establish the divine religion in its original form. His life and his teachings, the touchstones of sublimity, faith and purity, have naturally been the subjects of extensive research. Since the advent of Islam, numerous valuable books have been written depicting his life and emphasizing the timelessness of his teachings. In this book on seerah, the author focuses on the continuing relevance of the Prophet?s life and teachings I the contemporary context and endeavours to underline those aspects of the Prophet which have won the hearts of millions of people.


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