‘My Islam A-Z’ is an educational picture book to teach the core principles of the Islamic faith. It is an alphabet book in which each letter of the English language teaches a word, concept, terminology, ritual or event in Islam. For example, A is for Allah, B is for Bismillah, and so on.

the book can be used for children of all ages, as well as through different stages of a child’s life as he/she is growing up. It is a nice book to help build children’s Islamic vocabulary along with A for Apple & B for Ball.

The book might look very basic & simple but in terms of the content it brings awareness in children from an early age about Islam.

You can expand on the concepts presented as much as you want depending on the child’s understanding. For eg K is for Kaabah. This is the only thing mentioned in the book. But as an adult reading this book with a child we can teach & discuss many things with them about the Kaabah.

The book is informative for adults, reverts as well as non-Muslims.

The illustrations are simple and soft.

The last page of the book consists of a glossary which translates Arabic words in English.