Noor Kids Discover Patience


Publisher name: Noor Kids
ISBN number: 9780984707348
Pages: 28
Author name: Amin G. Aaser
Format- Paper Back

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Patience is certainly a virtue, but how does one muster up the courage to practice it? In this book, we explore to prerequisites necessary to practice patience, namely a belief in: (a) the infinite knowledge of Allah (SWT) and (b) the justice that Allah (SWT) has with his creatures. In the first story, Patiently Painting, Shireen internalizes a lesson on humility as she realizes that others, including Allah (SWT), possess knowledge that she doesn’t. In the second story, Racing Rage, Asad appreciates a lesson on the justice of Allah (SWT) when he has the opportunity to take revenge. This book also features a spotlight on the metamorphosis of caterpillars and much more!


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