Noor Kids – First Time Fasting


Publisher name: Noor Kids
ISBN number: 9780984707386
Pages: 28
Author name: Amin G. Aaser
Format- Paper Back

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First Time Fasting:

“So, tell me again… why is it that you fast?” Growing up in the United States, I was routinely asked the question during the Holy Month of Ramaḍān. The answer, however, did not always come easy.

On a basic level, the answer is that Allah (SWT) asks us to. But on a deeper level, it has to do with gaining self-control & instilling gratitude.

  • Self Control – In the first story, “Amin’s Half-day Fasts,” Amin learns that fasting (even if just for half a day) can help him develop self-control. He uses this self-control to get rid of his anger problem.
  • Gratitude – In the second story, “Too Little Thanks,” Shireen begins to appreciate her blessings only after they are taken away. Because of this gratitude, she develops a spirit of giving to those who are in need.


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