Noor Kids – Muslim Mastermind


Publisher name: Noor Kids
ISBN number: 9781948866019
Pages: 28
Author name: Amin G. Aaser
Format- Paper Back

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Our first story, “That’s Curious,” emphasizes curiosity, as it is the first step associated with the learning process and essentially “primes” the brain for learning. Shireen shows Amira that curiosity leads to the discovery of new knowledge, which is often very rewarding.

Our second story, “Learning the Hard Way,” teaches that knowledge and action must go hand-in-hand. If we know something but don’t apply it, the knowledge is useless. Amin learns this lesson the hard way when he misunderstands Mr. Salmaan’s written instructions because he doesn’t realize that spelling matters, some words sound the same, but mean very different things!


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