Quran Tagging Kit – Part 2 (Knowing & Glorifying Allah)


It consists of:
*80x NEW pre-cut labels of Verses from the Quran
*100x coloured sticky flags to stick the labels o*A list of where each Verse can be found in the Quran, printed on A5 cardboard (the format of which has been updated to make it easier to follow).

Created by @southafricanmuslimah!

Proudly conceptualised, designed and produced in South Africa.

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Part 2 of the inspirational Qur’an tagging kit is here! This kit is a companion to Part 1, where the focus was on being able to call upon Allah based on our unique needs by using His Word. Part 2 contains additional verses in line with this theme, verses wherein Allah’s Power is highlighted, as well as those where Allah guides us on how to praise and glorify Him.

This would make a beautiful gift for yourself or a loved one – being able to quickly access a du’a in times of need or to be able study the tafseer of these verses and du’as, is invaluable!

@southafricanmuslimah is a small account created by a Johannesburg-based Muslimah to share her life’s challenges and joy of seeking sacred knowledge, particularly through the Noble Quran. She hopes to motivate herself first, and then inspire others to start and continue on this wonderful journey, ultimately to attain the Pleasure of Allah and to seek His Closeness and Reward.