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Ramadan’s Coming!: A Songbook With Activities by: Rabia Bashir


Publisher:‎Bismillah Bees


‎40 pages

ISBN: ‎978-1913677145


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Ramadan’s Coming is a beautifully illustrated rhyming book showing multi-cultural families from around the world as they:
~ prepare for Ramadan
~ take part in the blessed month
~ and celebrate Eid!

Children will learn about the key aspects of Ramadan:
~ The Qur’an was first revealed in Ramadan
The moon sighting
~ What fasting is and how it benefits
~ Suhoor (pre-dawn meal)
~ Ifthar (breaking of the fast)
~ Taraweeh prayers
~ Not over-eating at ifthar!
~ Doing good deeds and rewards being multiplied
~ Giving Zakat
~ I’tikaf
~ Moon sighting before Eid
~ Festivities of preparing for Eid
~ Eid Salah
~ Gratitude and spending time with family

Extend your cuddle time with your little ones as they enjoy doing the activities at the end of the book!

There are also hadith references about Ramadan.
And a handy glossary too.

The perfect introduction book for schools to teach about the blessed month in an engaging way.