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Recite With Love Book List:

  1. Sacred Spellings: an English translation and commentary on Aqilah Atrab al-Qasa’id fi Asna al-Maqasid of Imam al-Shatibi (308 pages)
  2. Imam Makkī Ibn Abī Ṭālib (30 pages)
  3. Summarizing al-Durrah: The principles of the narrations of Imams Abū Jaʿfar, Yaʿqūb, and Khalaf (108 pages)
  4. Within Its Depths: How the Canonical Recitations Affect the Meaning of the Qurʾān (83 pages)
  5. RECITING QĀLŪN: A brief guide to the principles of the narration of Imam Qālūn (73 pages)
  6. Considering the Meaning: Stopping on Kallā, Balā, and Naʿam (60 pages)
  7. Qari Fath Muhammad Panipati: A Brief Biography (60 pages)
  8. Before You Pause (63 pages)
  9. The Three Qurra and Their Ruwat (21 pages)
  10. Maintaining the Meaning: An Introduction to Waqf and Ibtida (85 pages)
  11. Beyond Recitation: Tajwid and Spirituality: A commentary on the Khaqaniyyah of Abu Muzahim Al-Khaqani (114 pages)
  12. Tajwid Thoughts (64 pages)

More information on all of the above books as well as links to the PDFs are available on the Recite with Love website.

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Ustadha Saima Yacoob is the founder of Recite with Love. She moved to the United States at a young age, and now lives and teaches in Charlotte, North Carolina. In addition to holding multiple ijazahs in Tajweed and the Variant Readings of the Quran (Qiraat), she holds a Master’s in Education with a concentration in Curriculum and Instruction from George Mason University.

Ustadha’s publications are available from Baitul Hikmah on a Print on Demand Basis. Print on Demand products have a lead time of 5-10 working days.

These publications are provided in paperback format with permission from the publisher.


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Sacred Spellings, Imam Makkī Ibn Abī Ṭālib, Summarizing al-Durrah, Within Its Depths, RECITING QĀLŪN, Considering the Meaning: Stopping on Kallā, Balā, and Naʿam, Qari Fath Muhammad Panipati: A Brief Biography, Before You Pause, The Three Qurra and Their Ruwat, Maintaining the Meaning: An Introduction to Waqf and Ibtida, Beyond Recitation: Tajwid and Spirituality, Tajwid Thoughts

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