Sharh Maʿani al-Athar by: Imam Tahawi & Shaykh Ni’matullah Azami


Author: Imam Tahawi & Shaykh Ni’matullah Azami
Publisher: Turath Publishing
Format:  Hardback
Pages: 1110
ISBN: 9781906949167

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Explanation of the Meanings of the Traditions

Imam Tahawi’s Sharh Maʿani al-Athar consists of a wide array of vast and unique Prophetic traditions, it is a detailed and indispensable resource in jurisprudential matters. As a key text within the Ḥanafi School of Law, it dispels the oft-assumed notion of the School being solely one of reason by substantiating many legal verdicts of the great luminary Imam Abu Ḥanifah (Rh.) with not only the proposition of rationale but also with highly authentic supporting evidences. The key distinguishing factor of this work from others is its unmatchable style of composition and argumentation in deducing legal rulings and deeply analysing therein; all the while assisting its readers by explaining in a coherent, cogent, and comprehensive manner.