The 25 Prophets in the Quran By: Salaam Art


  • ISBN13: 9789083046464
  • Pages: 140
  • Format: Paperback

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Children learn best about their religion whilst playing! “The 25 Prophets in the Quran”, a story, art and crafts book for the entire family. The book is filled with beautiful stories about the prophets, inspired by ayahs in the Quran. The book offers a number of craft activities to do together with the children; reading, drawing, painting, illustrating, calligraphy and making geometric figures together. To carry out the craft activities, you make use of materials such as ecocline, clay, fabric, pencils, brushes, needle and thread. But you can also be creative with natural materials you already have at home or in class, like a feather or a stone, or even waste materials. Perfect for home schoolers, parents and teachers!

This book contains 140 pages and 40 arts & crafts assignments!


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