The Barakah Effect: More With Less by: Mohammed Faris



  • Author name Mohammed A. Faris
  • Publisher Claritas Books
  • ISBN 978-1-80011-005-2
  • Pages 449

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In a world that teaches us that if we have more, we’ll be more, why do we still feel insufficient? What is missing?

We are plagued by Hustle Culture, working longer hours, buying advanced gadgets, and wearing the latest fashion, yet we remain unfulfilled.

Mohammed Faris’ groundbreaking book powerfully reintroduces the ancient wisdom of Barakah and masterfully juxtaposes it with modern-day realities.

The Barakah Effect fuses traditional Islamic knowledge, pioneering research, and compelling stories to take you on a deep dive into the expansive implications of Barakah on your personal and professional life.

This book illuminates the vital role of good intentions, the importance of seeking Allah’s help, the power of gratitude, and the virtue of patience.

Learn how to live a life centered on serving your Lord, cultivate a gardener’s mindset that combines ambition with contentment, navigate challenging family dynamics with grace, and leave a legacy that outlives your earthly existence.

Learn how to be more with less… with The Barakah Effect.