The Beginning of the End by Sheikh Faheem


Publisher name :Independently published
ISBN number : 978-1094631356
Author name: Shaykh Faheem
Format: Paper back
Pages : 501

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The Beginning of the End’ is an eschatological endeavor to survey the modern age and its repulsive conduct via a juxtaposing of the ever-unraveling events of the historical process against the prophecies located in the Qur’ān and Sunnah to prove that we are indeed living in ‘Ākhiruz Zamān’ (The Final Age). The book covers the topics of:MINOR SIGNSSwift passage of time, Prevalence of ignorance, Sexual immorality, increase in killings, Excessive amounts of wealth in circulation, Evil people ruling the markets, etcMAJOR SIGNSSanctions in Iraq, Syria & Egypt. Fitnah arising from Najd, Euphrates uncovering a mountain of gold, Conquest of Constantinople,The Malhamah (The Great War), Imaam Al-MahdiGog & Magog, Dajjal (Anti-Christ)The book also discusses the benefit of the study of the signs for the modern age detailing the significance of the methodology required to navigate the signs.


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