The Ladder to Success in Truly Loving Allah (Sullam al-Tawfiq ila Mahabbti Llahi ala al-Tahqiq) By Abd Allah bin Husayn al-Hadrami , Musa Furber (translator)


ISBN 9781944904197
Author Abd Allah bin Husayn al-Hadrami
Publisher Islamosaic
Translator Musa Furber
Pages 148

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This booklet presents Shaykh ‘Abd Allah bin Husayn bin Tahir Ba’Alawi al-Hadrami al-Shafi’i’s Sullam al-tawfiq ila mahabbati Llahi ‘ala al-tahqiq (“The Ladder of Success to Truly Loving Allah”), a concise treatise covering what every responsible Muslim must know and practice.

These essentials include matters related to creed, rituals, basic transactions and financial responsibilities, purification of the soul, good character, sins that one must avoid and the consequences for committing them. The translation includes hundreds of inline notes drawn from the book’s commentaries, along with the Arabic text.